Why are YU in North America?①

My name is Yu Hoshino. I have been interning at JCFN North America from May 21st. I graduated from Tokyo Bible Seminary in March of this year. On Sunday, my church friends from Tokyo Bible Seminary Church encouraged my faith for the internship before I left. Brothers and sisters in the Lord are priceless treasures.

It’s been two weeks since the internship started and spent my days productively. As soon as I arrived, I went to the JCFN North American office and helped with what they needed.

From May 24 to 26th, I joined Central Conference24! The theme of this year was “Kingdom Citizenship” (Philippians 3:20). The speaker was Sho Ichikawa. We spent three days and two nights there. From Luke 17:21, Jesus taught us that the kingdom of God is already in our midst. This was my first time attending CC24. Throughout this conference, I felt that I wanted to prepare and grow physically and spiritually as a person who serves the Lord.

I would appreciate it if you could continue to pray for me to stay healthy, not to catch a cold, and for the remaining interns to have blessed days.

Event Info Useful for Returnees June, 2024

Event Info Useful for Returnees

June, 2024

◎Southern Kanto Small Groups (Japan)
Yokohama plus SG: Every Tuesday 20:00 (female only, online)
Japan Office SG: Every Thursday 19:00 (in person, Ochanomizu)
Hibarigaoka related SG: Every 2nd Saturday (in person)
Contact: smallgroup@jcfn.org

◎ANRK Kansai Returnee Women’s Small Group (Japan. online)
Basically 2nd & 4th Thursdays 20:30〜22:00 (Zoom)
About 3-6 people gather each time and encourage each other through updates, Bible study (M28), and prayer. If you are interested, please contact us!
If you are interested in joining, please contact JCFN Japan Office: nihon@jcfn.org

◎WINGS Youth Ministry
(Everything is done in bilingual. Time is in CA time.)
1) Monthly WINGS event, June 1st at Rise OC Church 5 pm
contact at goyouthla@gmail.com.
2) Weekly online devotion, every Monday at 8 pm
3) Weekly online Bible study, every Thursday at 5 pm (
Youth Ministry done in bilingual. You let’s gather.

◎Konnect Kanagawa gathering (Japan, Kanagawa)
Date: Saturday, June 1st
Location: Kamoi Tsurumigawa
Meet at 11:30 amd at Kamoi station
Time: 11:30-14:30
Things to bring: drink and rice
Fee: 500yen (7-12), Free (6 under), 1500yen (adult) Donation連Contact: skisangala@jcfn.org
Instagram @konnect_kanagawa

ACMI Conference
Conference for International student workers (English)
June 6th-8th
Online conferene in English. Availabe to purchase the recordings. Great opportunity to learn international ministries in America, Canada, and other places.

WINGLETS Kids Ministry
At Gardena Valley Baptist Church (1630 W 158th St, Gardena, CA 90247)
Time: Friday, June 7th, Let’s play at the park! 4:30-6pm
For: Kinder-5th graders.
Activities, worship, and message.
Registration required.
Hosted by JEMS, 南加キリスト教教会連合
Contact: minakoF@jems.org
Free admission

◎Tsu-Na-Gu (Japan, online)
Gathering for returnees in 20s in Chugoku area
Tuesday, June 4th, 18th 20:00〜
In person: Tuesday, June 25th 19:00〜
Contact: JCFN Japan Office: nihon@jcfn.org

◎JCFN Japan Online Prayer Meeting V.OCHAHOP〜 (Japan, online)
Time: Saturday, June 8th 10:00〜11:00
facebook event page
Zoom link

◎Re-Conn: Returnee Cafe (Japan, Tokyo)
Time: Saturday, June 8th 14:30〜17:00
Location: Double O Cross Church (OO+) Kichijoji G Bldg B1 (東京都武蔵野市吉祥寺東町1-6-27)
More events such as Christmas party and Bible study are organized by Re-Conn. Please check the website for the details.

◎Inspa prayer meeting (Japan, online)
Sunday, June 9th, 20:00~20:30 (30 minutes only) (Every 3rd Sunday)
At Zoom (Meeting ID: 979 2868 4925 Passcode: 144507)
*Let’s remember and pray together about the returnee ministry, INSPA, and returnees in the Tokai area.
*The prayer meeting is open to those who have participated in INSPA before, or are from or reside in the Tokai area.
facebook group link
Instagram link
Contact: facebook or inspire-union@hotmail.co.jp.

◎JxJ (North America, Seattle, WA)
Saturday, June 15th 4:30〜8:00pm
Location: at ISI House in Seattle (5207 16th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105)

◎GiFT・Summer Celebration (Japan, Tokyo)
Ochanomizu Christian Center 8F Chapel
Guest Speaker: Masato Ito
Worship leaders: Daisuke & Kazuko Yokoyama
Registration link
Dress code recommended: yukata, jinbei, aloha shirt🤙 *Free donations on the day.
(There is no age restriction.)

◎Chugoku Kyushu group prayer meeting (Japan. online)
Saturday, June 29th 19:00〜20:30
Praise, prayer and sharing
Contact: JCFN Japan Office: nihon@jcfn.org

NEW! Tsu-Na-Gu

Hello! My name is Etsuko Hotta, JCFN associate staff 😊

It’s time to feel the beginning of early summer from the fresh green season! I think some of you have started a new life in the new year, such as going on to higher education, getting a new job, or changing jobs. In such a new environment, some of you may feel again the importance of connecting with God and others. Connection is very important!

What kind of connections do you have now?

I have been working with Christians and communities overseas, arranging homestays for Christian host families, connecting with Christian communities to connect them with local churches, and praying with local Christians to bring students into contact with the love of Christ during their study abroad experience. We pray together with local Christians to help students experience the love of Christ during their study abroad experience, and we work as a “Tsu-Na-Gu” (connecting) ministry to support students from the time they are sent to their home countries until they return home.

The Tsu-Na-Gu ministry is a ministry of connecting non-Christians and Christians with Christians overseas, with the earnest hope and prayer that they will stay connected to God, His family, and His church after returning to Japan! We have connected students with Christians in the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, and Malaysia, and have seen students who did not even know Jesus Christ before they went to Japan to be touched by the love of Christ and saved during their study abroad experience, from as little as 3 weeks to over a year. Some have been saved while studying abroad, while others have not yet confessed their faith, but have been led to confession of faith and baptism after returning to their home countries, and are now living a life of faith.

As part of Tsu-Na-Gu’s support for returnees, we have an online group of 20-something returnees living in the Chugoku area who gather together to read and share the Bible, and sometimes gather in person for a meal together.

We hope that Tsu-Na-Gu will become such a place. By God’s grace, it is a great joy and blessing that the returnees connected to Tsu-Na-Gu are able to overcome various difficulties, stay connected to God and His family, and walk together in the process of being transformed and made into the likeness of Christ as they study His word and pray together, rather than being isolated in their faith. It is a great joy and blessing.

I hope and pray that the Lord will continue to use Tsu-Na-Gu to connect us with God’s love.

God is really good at connecting people to each other 😊 I hope you all connect with the people God is trying to connect you with. Let’s connect with God’s love!



P.O. Box 17982, Irvine, CA 92623-7982, USA tel 949-424-7535 e-mail: ushq*jcfn.org (*を@に変えて入力してください。)

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