Ochahop November 2018

Hello! This is Megumix.


It has totally become fall here in Japan.

What do you think of when you think of fall?

I think of how sports and food come at the same time in fall, so things kind of balance out.


Today I am going to introduce OCHAHOP, a prayer meeting that happens on the second Saturday of each month at the JCFN office.

The name Ochahop is an appreviation of OCHAnomizu House Of Prayer, and it started back in 2014.

Ochanomizu is the place where the JCFN office is located, and this year marks the fourth year. Slowly but surely all of our prayers are accumulating.


To be specific:


  • JCFN’s ministry
  • Regional ministries, and returnees going back to those regions
  • The events happening before the next Ochahop
  • Conferences
  • One another


And so on.

We lift up each prayer one by one.


Here’s what our first Ochahop looked like!


JCFN has the image of having lots of big events, and the name Ochahop is kind of catchy, but it is actually a small, quiet gathering.

That being said,

this Ochahop supports the ministry of JCFN, regional ministries, and returnees themselves!


If you let JCFN staff know if you have any prayer requests for your region, returnees you know, or whatever else, we will pray for you!

This meeting takes place the second Saturday of each month from 10:30 to 12:00 at the JCFN office, so please come!



The smallest member of the Okada family has been praying together with us every time since she was born 🙂

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