Dr. Sachi Nakamura(JCFN Board member, Christian books translator, Spiritual Director)


Hi everyone. The Lenten season started March 6 this year. How are you spending days in this Lent? As many Reformed churches do not emphasize liturgical calendar, some of you might be unfamiliar with the meaning of Lent.

The universally accepted calendar we use today is called Gregorian calendar and finds its origin in Julian calendar used in the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire first adapted a calendar starting on January 1st. Meanwhile, the liturgical calendar starts at the beginning of the Advent. Also in this calendar, a year is divided into seasons of Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, and Pentecost, according to the life of Jesus and works of the Church. Acknowledging the seasons on the liturgical calendar in our daily life, we are reminded that we are living in Kairos (time of God) as God’s people.


Now, Lent is the forty days (without counting Sundays) before Easter. It is the season for us to return to God, the season to reflect and repent, and the season to rededicate ourselves through prayers, Scriptures, and fasting. Traditionally, inspired by the forty days of Wilderness experience of Jesus, people have given up some food or activities.


Some people say that the purpose of fasting and giving up in Lent is not to create pains and suffering to ourselves but to create a room for a better nourishment. For instance, by restricting food, we gain deeper insight from the Scriptures; by restricting our regular activities, we gain time for prayers. Historically, some people donated for the poor by saving money for their meat and/or wine. Several years ago while going through a trying time, I gave up “worrying” during the Lent and tried to give thanks to God instead of worrying. There is no instructions in Bible about how to spend Lent. So we can seek for God’s guidance in prayer to find a way to spend Lenten season.  Isn’t it awesome that we are given opportunities to rededicate ourselves to the Lord, day by day, season by season, as often as possible?


About half of Lenten Season is past this year. But there are still three more weeks before Easter. If you have not thought about Lent but now you started feeling led, may I encourage you to spend the next three weeks in prayer and reflection, thinking of Jesus’ Passion on the cross for our sins, examining to see if you find an area of life where you are led to return to the Lord?

(日本語) EC19実行委員長のクリスティンにインタビュー

Hello!  This is Megumix again!
An official announcement was madde that the cherry trees are in bloom in Japan!
I don’t see it around my home, though.  Koubunji, Tokyo, is usually 2℃ lower than the central area of Tokyo.  Maybe that’s why.  I wish to go to Cherry-Blossom viewing soon!

So this time, I interviewed Kristine, the Director of EC19 Planning Committee.


For a little bit, let’s enjoy Megumix & Kristine‘s conversation.



How are you?

I’m fine!

Thank you for taking time in your busy schedule!
So, you are the director of EC Planning Committee.  How is it going?

Uh huh. When I was asked to lead the committee, there was something unresolved in my heart, so I turned it down. Yet when I talked to Setsu reflected and thought about how much EC has helped me grow in my life. I realized it’s such an important conference, and I want to offer it to everyone. I prayed, God didn’t give me a clear yes or no, but I finally resolved that I should do it, so I got his courage to face the decision. So I reconsidered and decided to say, yes.



EC19’s Theme is; “I can trust Jesus in every situation”. (working title)


So it hasn’t been confirmed yet, even so, why did you select this theme?

For returnees, the place where you live may change. But no matter where you are, you can look to God everywhere and believe you can change your way of life.

Our theme verses are from Proverbs 3:5-7

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the LORD and shun evil.”


What are your expectations for this EC?

I’d hope that the meaning of the Proverbs passage would change everyone at the core of their being. I hope that they’d dig deep into this passage, and have a great spiritual change. Even in disappointments there is hope, and I’d want them to walk forward with this in mind.

Lastly, do you have anything to say to the EC attendees?

Sometimes, you may feel you’re not a super Christian, and don’t know Bible so well. But with God, I’m glad if you have an attitude of  “I’m here. Please talk to me, God.”  You’re blessed not just when you’re in a good place spiritually.  If you want hear from God, please join us! I want you to come with even smallest bit of hope.

Also, the prayer letter will be sent out soon.  So, please read it and pray for EC19 with great expectation.  It will change your life!  Your prayers will prepare your heart as you participate in the EC.

I am already blessed!

Expect great things from God!


Thank you, Kristine!

What will God reveal to us?? Let’s get excited together!


Introducing J x J Ministry

Hello Everyone! This is Mizuno Yui, this year’s JxJ leader.

Thanks to the large amount of support and prayers, JxJ has now reached its 13th year.  This is quite sudden, but do you know what our ministry’s name, “JxJ” comes from?

JxJ stands for our hope and prayer that “The Japanese (J) who come to Jesus (J) will multiply (x),” which means that “many Japanese people will meet Jesus.”

Many Japanese students and exchange students lives in Seattle, where JxJ is held every month.  We plan JxJ program with hope so that we can reach out to them and share about God and His love.



JxJ features praise, games, food, and testimonies, and values the fellowship time of each attendee.

The delicious food is provided monthly by the surrounding Japanese churches, and our “Now-Famous JxJ Cake” has been made by a Japanese Patisserie since our early days.

JxJ is put together as a ministry by both the planners and volunteers each month, as well as the large amount of support that is offered.

In addition to monthly programs, our REACH!! (Praise Meeting) events and JxJ Camps give us added opportunities to plant seeds within the community through the Grace of God.

This year, we will held REACH!! in May, and JxJ Camp in September.

We would appreciate prayers for JxJ, in that more students will come to know God in Seattle, and that each individual volunteer’s Spiritual Gifts will be used in a great way for the Glory of The Lord.

Yui Mizuno

JxJ 2019 Leader

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