Introducing J x J Ministry

Hello Everyone! This is Mizuno Yui, this year’s JxJ leader.

Thanks to the large amount of support and prayers, JxJ has now reached its 13th year.  This is quite sudden, but do you know what our ministry’s name, “JxJ” comes from?

JxJ stands for our hope and prayer that “The Japanese (J) who come to Jesus (J) will multiply (x),” which means that “many Japanese people will meet Jesus.”

Many Japanese students and exchange students lives in Seattle, where JxJ is held every month.  We plan JxJ program with hope so that we can reach out to them and share about God and His love.



JxJ features praise, games, food, and testimonies, and values the fellowship time of each attendee.

The delicious food is provided monthly by the surrounding Japanese churches, and our “Now-Famous JxJ Cake” has been made by a Japanese Patisserie since our early days.

JxJ is put together as a ministry by both the planners and volunteers each month, as well as the large amount of support that is offered.

In addition to monthly programs, our REACH!! (Praise Meeting) events and JxJ Camps give us added opportunities to plant seeds within the community through the Grace of God.

This year, we will held REACH!! in May, and JxJ Camp in September.

We would appreciate prayers for JxJ, in that more students will come to know God in Seattle, and that each individual volunteer’s Spiritual Gifts will be used in a great way for the Glory of The Lord.

Yui Mizuno

JxJ 2019 Leader

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