Interview about GRC Reunion!

Hi everyone!

This is Megumix.

The GRC18 Reunion (Gurikori for short) took place on April 27!

It’s already been a year since the conference. How has everyone who attended been doing since then? To look back on Gurikori, we interviewed the GRC18 director Erika Mine.

Megumix: Was there anything that you remembered from the conference or learned for the first time from doing Gurikori?


Erika: First of all, it was fun to do a reunion! More people came than I had expected, so there were a lot of lively conversations. Also, thanks to a lot of people’s help, we had decorations, people livening the mood, and worshipping together in a way that reminded us of last year’s GRC. I was reminded of how fun, free, and important returnees gatherings are! There were a lot of highlights, but I was especially moved by the testimonies! I was really encouraged by the dramatic testimony of a girl who heard from God at GRC and was baptized the next day!


Megumix: Erika, how have things been for you personally in the year since GRC18?


Erika: There have been so many things that I can’t even easily say, haha. I’ve been surprised by the theme song I wrote for GRC while walking by myself, but because of GRC, I’ve had many times where I’ve really become aware of God’s presence with me.

Megumix: We’re planning the next GRC for 2021. Can you tell us what you’re looking forward to for GRC21, or give a message to the attendees?


Erika: I want everyone to come! That’s it! It’s not just for returnees, but for people who aren’t returnees but want to work together with us to think about how to make Japan shine! Christians who came back to Japan are not just returnee Christians, but because they are Japanese Christians, they can unite with the people of Japan and dwell within the kingdom of God. We want GRC to be a place to make that happen! Invite your family, friends, and brothers and sisters from church!


Thank you, Erika!


Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to interview Erika in person this time, so we communicated by exchanging messages. Because of that, you can see how many exclamation marks she used! Erika, thanks for taking on the important role of director!

I’m looking forward to GRC21!



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