Ministry Spotlight: Friday~ Japanese Outreach

Hiroki Sano(APU Friday Leader)

May Jesus Christ bless you with Grace and Mercy and Peace!

There may be many who are meeting us for the first time, but we extend our love in Jesus’ Name!  Today, I would like to share the blessings we have received through the Japanese ministry in South California called


Friday~ is a student-founded ministry that started in 1994.I can, with great certainty say, that this ministry, started by students who were inspired by the Lord, are truly in His hands!  Even now, students are being inspired and blessed every semester.

Currently, this ministry runs every Friday at 7PM in a classroom that we use at Azusa Pacific University (APU).  Friday~ is loved by the APU staff as well as the students, and we have received much prayer and support.  Our thanks to the Lord truly overflows with all that He has done for this ministry.

Through this ministry, many have been connected to churches, and become saved.  I myself came to know the Lord through the Friday~ ministry.  Now, we have those who were Saved at Friday~ becoming the next leaders and staff within the ministry.  There are many brothers and sisters in the Lord who strongly care and love for it, and they are in turn blessed greatly.

One of the characteristics of Friday~ is the Testimonies of our students.  The Lord has taught us that there is true power in Testimony.

The Lord has truly planted seeds through Friday~; it is evident through scripture passages that the students experience, the unique way that exchange students are Saved, and even His Hand upon the the non-believers.


I believe another one of Friday~’s biggest “selling points” is the delicious food!

They serve Japanese food that is hard for exchange students to find overseas, as well as their now-famous “Friday~Curry”, which we believe has more servings of the Love of Christ than the average curry!

Right next to APU, there is a 2-year university called Citrus College.  There are many Japanese exchange students there, and the Lord (in His mysterious Ways) leads them to Friday~!  Many non-believers who attend tell us that they are able to feel “something that is different from that of this world”.  The friendships and relationships in Christ become deeper and stronger within our staff, and it teaches us the Love in Jesus!

I believe the friendship between our staff members is also one of our unique points at Friday~, and I think that’s why many people are able to experience the Love of Jesus Christ.

All of what we do is ministry done by the students: the groceries for the food and the materials for the ministry are all paid for and supplied by the students themselves.  Within that, the Lord has supported us all, and we strongly feel that Christ stands at the head of the operation, guiding us!


What I’d like to ask for the most is prayer!  I believe there is nothing more powerful than prayer.  So, our brothers and sisters in Christ; if you remember and pray for us even once, I believe from the bottom of my heart that the Lord will truly be pleased.

Thank you for your prayers.


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