To Understand Returnee Christians〜Preface

Hello, this is Yuko Ozeki, from JCFN . Today, I would like to introduce you to our small booklet, “To Understand Returnee Christians,” and upload it divided into several pieces. This is written by Mrs. Yoshie Yokohama, former missionary of the Japanese Outreach, who has been actively involved in the returnee ministry. This was published in 2010 as a collaboration project of  JCFN and Japan Outreach, and it was aimed to christians and churches in Japan.

We, JCFN, usually share testimonies and ministry articles from the view of returnees themselves.  Therefore, you might see a different perspective and be a little surprised by reading this article.  Yet, as you read, you sure will find out that we Christians are ONE in Christ’s body, no matter where we become Christians and how we live a Christian life.  Our hope and prayer is that this small booklet will help you bear more fruits by getting know and accept one another so that we can grow together in Christ.


Please download the entire booklet from here.





We are a married couple who were involved in returnees’ ministry as well as Japanese ministry in the UK as missionaries of Japanese Outreach. When we visited local churches in Japan, pastors and believers told us, “We do not understand returnee Christians well. Could you write some sort of guidebook?” Little by little, I wrote about our experiences given by God in our work. Thanks to the support given by Yuko Ozeki and other JCFN volunteers, I was finally able to publish it for the 2nd All Nations Returnees Conference scheduled in March, 2010. I truly thank God. What is written is based on our experiences for the past 14 years, and in order to make it as useful as possible, I would like to hear experiences and comments from those who actually use this. I would greatly appreciate your input. The term, “We,” in the text means Christian workers who are involved in serving for the returnees’ ministry. I thank God for giving me an opportunity to serve together with JCFN and Japanese Outreach in this way.


Yoshie Yokoyama

March, 2010

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