Testimony from C-BBWIT19 “Going to the prayer retreat, C-BBWIT”

Going to the prayer retreat, C-BBWIT

Yuka Onoe

After going to the prayer retreat, I realized that I’ve been pretending that I was already being 100% spiritually filled (even though I knew that I was spiritually parched and thirsty…).

It’s been a very long time since I was able to let go of real life, pray in silence, focus on God, and  be still in my spirit. In my daily life, family takes priority. At times when quick decisions must be made, I actually want to listen to the voice of God and spend quality time with Him. But at the same time, I get caught up in everything. So, it was a great blessing that, in the middle of silent prayer, God very clearly showed me that He was with me every step of the way. While keeping in mind that I was given all these relationships (family, relatives, parents of school children, people involved in childcare services, etc.) so that I might take the love of Chris to them, I was able to reflect on the fact that I may have actually been consumed by these relationships (by the world). I resolved that I want to meditate on Romans 12:1-2 and be still in the presence of God. That I want to live my days in thankfulness of the life given to me and with my heart directed toward God, even if only for a moment.

December Event Info

Below is December event info.


Time: Every Thursday 11:30~13:30
Location: JCFN Japan Office
Contact: E-mail

◎Japan Outreach Christmas (Tokyo)
Time: Saturday, December 7th 14:00~16:00
Location: Ochanomizu Christian Center Room 415
Contact: Event Flyer

◎Good News Saturday (Tokyo)
Time: Sunday, December 7th 18:30〜
Location: Musashino Chapel Center (Kichijoji)
Contact: Ministry Page

◎Simple Fellowship (Tokyo)
Time: Sunday, December 8th 18:30〜
Location: Higashikurume
Contact: E-mail (Ai Masaki)

Time: Saturday, December 14th 10:30〜12:00
Location: JCFN Japan Office
Contact: E-mail, Event Page

◎ICF (Tokyo)
Time: Saturday, December 14th 18:30〜
Location: Musashino Chapel Center (Kichijoji)
Contact: E-mail (William Wen), Ministry Page

◎Returnee Cafe (Aichi)
Time: Tuesday, December 17th 18:30〜
Location: Denny’s Kanayama Kitaguchi
Contact: Ministry PageE-mail

【North America】
Friday Fellowship (Los Angeles)
Time: Every Friday at 7:30 pm (12/6 is final)
Location: Azusa Pacific University
Contact: Ministry Page

Pneuma (Chicago)
Time: Saturday, December 7th
Location: Moody Bible Institute
Contact: Event Page

◎Equipper Conference (EC) 19
Time: Friday, December 27th ~ Wednesday, January 1st
Location: Murrieta Hot Springs Christian Conference Center
Contact: Website

↓ This is January Event buy…
◎EC Thanksgiving
Time: Thursday, January 2nd 18:30~
Location: Orange Coast Free Methodist Church
Contact: Event Page

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