Central Conference(CC20) is held online!

【Important Announcement】

CC20 will be held online!

For Those of You Who Are Considering To Attend CC20: We praise the name of the Lord.
 Currently, various measures are being implemented world wide to contain the spread of novel Corona Virus. Stay-at-home order has been in effect in Chicago since 3/20, and many people are having to change their schedules. CC is no exception to this. It is still a little ways off, but the preparation team pondered together on whether it is in line with God’s will to gather face to face in one place on 5/23 to 5/25, to deepen our fellowship and encourage one another.
  We discussed various factors such as that the United States has yet to see the peak of the spread of infection, there will still be a risk of mass-infection in May, even if the peak has passed by then, and for considerations for those who will be traveling a long distance. With all this in mind, we regretfully came to the conclusion that it would be prudent to give up getting together at the Chicago venue for this year’s CC. This was not an easy decision. At the same time, we have conviction that CC is still relevant for encouragement and fellowship of Japanese people living in the U.S., and for those who have heart for ministering to Japanese.
Hence, we came to decide that we won’t just cancel getting together at the Chicago venue, but also to build a new CC this year to please the Lord, using the Internet.
 At this point, we are considering broadcasting worship by a team in Chicago and the main session by the speaker, and also more interactive elements like small group fellowship via ZOOM. The preparation team will be working out the detail, so we’d appreciate it if you could remember in your prayers that we can offer the very best. It is our sincere hope that you can join in this fellowship.
This change of direction does not stem from the fear of virus, but to express our love for God, and for our neighbors. (Matthew 23:37 to 39, 1 John 5:18). I was able to come to peace that under the circumstance, this is the best method of worshipping and glorifying God as a community. And especially in the time such as this, I feel the need to learn CC20’s theme, how to live a life of walking with the Holy Spirit.
  The preparation team will be hashing out the details for schedules, etc. We are still feeling things out in a sudden directional shift, but hope to go forward together and take this as an opportunity to build something new. Please support us in your prayers that we can serve the Lord faithfully, and work in one accord.
 Please check the website as we will be releasing updates on details!
With thanksgiving,
CC20 Preparation Committee Chair: Yuki Hata
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