WIT2020 Blessings!

Ko Fukuda

WIT 2020!! Oh man, where to begin? I didn’t really know what to expect at first. My siblings have both attended wit but that was the extent of my knowledge. When asked about their experiences they both told me it was an experience of a lifetime.

A few months before WIT, CC (central conference) was held online and was a huge success! Even though we were hoping the lockdown would be lifted by the time WIT came around, God had other plans.

So, fast forward a little bit. Watching everybody’s intro videos and imagining what they were like was a lot of fun. But being totally honest, I was getting a little nervous meeting all these new people. It’s one thing to be able to stick to your small group.. but in a zoom meeting, EVERYBODY’S looking at you if you something.

As far as the actual retreat went, I didn’t know you could have such powerful fellowship in such a short time. From the amazing worship time lead by Jerome to the quirky ice breakers by Kana-lope and Kristine, it was all planned and executed very well. I was blown away at how personal the whole experience was even though I was talking to my iPad. Jokes aside, God was working in amazing ways those 2 nights (in my time zone). I will never underestimate zoom fellowship again.

The theme “ake -watashi, or surrendering to God” was a simple yet profound topic. I personally love dense discussion topics so I really enjoyed the in depth conversations with my small group. And The after hours “testimony time” led by Setsu was an emotional roller coaster of faith, brokenness and mercy. I was humbled and also encouraged that so many other Japanese-American Christians my age were going through or have been through similar obstacles.

The Lord willing, I hope we can meet in person by next year! So many new brothers and sisters in Christ I didn’t know I had.

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