Current Status of JCFN Staff Candidates

Good Afternoon everyone!

I pray for the quick healing of those who have been infected with COVID19, also remember the healthcare professionals in my prayers.

By the way, JCFN has staff candidates whom I’d like everyone to remember and support!

One is Miss Shiori Furuya and the other is Daisuke Tsuchida (family).

God has given and led these two wonderful people, for that I’m truly grateful. (T_T)

This time, I’d like to talk about how staff candidate Daisuke Tsuchida is doing. I interviewed him remotely!

Actually, our conversation was nearly 4 hours, including talking about things other than support raising, so it’s messed up. It was a long time, but the support raising part of our conversation was about 15 minutes, please understand (laughs).


JCFN Reporter: With the influence of COVID19, how is your support raising going?

Daisuke: With the situation of churches and people not meeting together, currently it’s difficult to go to a church somewhere to explain our ministry or raise support.

JCFN Reporter: For sure. In some churches, the offerings are down and the situation is difficult.

Daisuke: At first, the situation was one where I couldn’t actively fundraise, and I felt an urgency just looking at the money, but now I think it’s time to wait. If you look at a situation in front of you, you feel you have to do something! I’d like to think that, but rather than a human plan, I’m praying to see when God says GO and live in the peace that God gives in the meantime.

JCFN Reporter: How can we best pray for you?

Daisuke: First, please pray for the health of my family. Especially my wife (Hiromu) works at a nursery school and is in an environment where not only COVID19 but also various viruses can come in.

Second, for our needs to be met. There are few things I can do right now, but I want to see God at work.

Pray that I can follow God’s way in any situation, especially because I often think I have to do anything by myself.

And don’t forget about us! ! !






Daisuke san and Hiromu san, thank you for taking the time to talk to me!

Due to the influence of COVID19, I think it’s been a time for many people to stop and think about lots of things. Some have to be more patient, for some a path has closed, and in contrast for some new paths have opened up. In any situation to be able to live in peace, undistracted focusing on God, receiving his wisdom.

Although it’s unfortunate we can’t meet JCFN staff candidates face-to-face, God’s work continues!

We are grateful for you continued prayers, and support.

(This is just the JCFN Reporter speaking on my own, but Daisuke-san’s computer is super old!!!)

Here is the latest Tsuchida Family Newsletter (in Japanese)!

Here is the latest Shiori Furuya Newsletter (in Japanese) ! She is selling lovely handmade jewelry to raise her support.

If you wish to receive either newsletter regularly please contact JCFN.

If you which to contribute to their support please click here.

There are various ways to contribute:
(Tsuchida Family Support), (Furuya Shiori Support), (Administration)

It would be helpful if you would make your designation clear when you send your contribution.

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