Returnee Support Worship Playlist

As part of our 30th anniversary project, we have been publishing “Returnee Support Worship Playlist” since January. This is a monthly Youtube playlist based on the songs that encouraged the returnees before and after returning Japan, and the themes that have been on their mind.

■■Here is the Worship Playlist for January and February.■■

January Worship Playlist
Worship Playlist from EC20 Beyond

February Worship Playlist
One of the struggles that returnees must overcome is the question, “Is God with me?” You cannot feel the presence of God that you experienced abroad. There are days when you feel lonely because you are the only Christian in your environment, and there are days when your family and friends don’t understand you and you think, “No one understands how I feel.” However, God is the God of Immanuel, the God who is with us. He knows every thought you have, and not only does He know, but He understands and comforts you.
“You have written my wanderings. Please store my tears in your sackcloth. Or are they not written in your book?” Psalm 56:8
God knows all your loneliness, sorrow, and burdens, and it doesn’t matter if you are overseas or in Japan. God is sending you many comforting messages through the Bible. I pray that you will read His Word, turn it to your faith, and be encouraged through the praises in this playlist. God will not forsake you. As the Bible says, He is “the God of Immanuel.”
by Erika Grace Mine (JCFN Associate Staff)

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