Central Conference 2021 Testimony (1)

Natumi Iwamoto  (in Wisconsin)

I am currently studying abroad in Wisconsin, U.S.A. In 2019, where I met Jesus for the first time in my life and then got saved, and now I am sharing the joy and fun in the Lord with my brothers and sisters through InterVarsity, a campus ministry.

I first learned about JCFN when I attended the National Gathering hosted by IV online last summer. Since then, I’ve been introduced to many people that God has connected me with, which led me to EC and CC.

Through CC 21, I was able to rethink the immeasurable love of Jesus, who sacrificed so much to be with us. No matter who you are, no matter how difficult it seems, Jesus is the first one to come close to you and touch your wounds, not because of what you have done. I hope we can always look up to Jesus, our best model, and love others with a lower self. I kept praying during CC21 that I would be able to do more of that, and that you would help me to do so. I am so grateful for the three wonderful CC days, where I was repeatedly fascinated by God’s wide, long, high and deep love.

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