Central Conference 2021 Testimony (2)

My name is Luke Weng, and I live in Vancouver, BC. I am in a strange position where I am neither in work or school. That’s because I am recovering from 2 cancers and going through a 3rd one as of this moment.

I first heard about CC through my Gakusekai small group at VJGC(Vancouver Japanese Gospel Church). I have heard them talking about it, and it piqued my interest. I tried signing up for CC20 but I couldn’t find the register button haha.

I feel that God taught me many things through the conference. My knowledge and understanding of being a neighbor has been taken to another level. It happened when I was told that Jesus has become my neighbor and to do likewise to put Luke 10:25-37 into action. That statement really made me put myself into the perspective of the person who Jesus was talking to. Not only does it change my view of this scripture, but see Jesus not just as my Savior but as a good friend.

My favorite part of the conference were the games we played before ending each day, especially on the 2nd night (even though I didn’t get picked </3). It not only broke the ice between the participants, but it allowed me to make friends with the other people. I was deeply moved when everybody treated me with love and kindness even though I was a foreigner who doesn’t even speak Japanese. 

I’m definitely coming to the future Central Conferences. Now, every time I think of the phrase “Christians” the people in CC are who first come to my mind!

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