Core Values of JCFN

My name is Chihiro Okada, Japan staff.

At JCFN, a joint staff meeting is held every year in March.

At the meeting, the staff members from Japan and North America gather to review the past year and make plans for the new year.
This year, the joint staff meeting was held for six days over a two-week period starting from the third week of the month.

In the past, we used to gather in Japan or the U.S., but with the Corona Disaster, we are now online, and it turns out that this was the third time we have had an online joint staff meeting.

At the beginning of each joint staff meeting, we confirm the foundation of JCFN ministry, such as the mission statement.
At that time, we also confirm the core values that the staff members value as we move forward in our ministry.


Today, I would like to introduce JCFN’s seven core values.

  1. Obedience to God
  2. Equipping the next generation
  3. Keeping Returnees Perspectives
  4. Diversity in unity and open communication
  5. Kingdom Mentality
  6. Risk Taking (it is easier to ask forgiveness than permission)
  7. FUN


Of these, the one that best describes JCFN is…

(And my favorite is…)




I have been a staff member since 2007, and I have personally enjoyed the “fun” scattered throughout the ministry of JCFN, as well as in meetings such as the staff meetings.

The fact that the North American staff meetings begin with “Today’s FUN” following the devotional is also a practice of the core value of “FUN.”

It is also a practice in this year’s joint staff meeting, where the staff played games online in between the six days of meetings 🙂

It is also true that starting a meeting with laughter creates a very good flow for afterwards discussions.


We’re looking for people who want to have FUN with us at JCFN, where having FUN is important! 🙂



The photo shows the funny faces of the staff members having fun at their best at this joint staff meeting.

If you can’t make a funny face, you might not become staff!?

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