Central Conference this year is in-person!!


Hi everyone! My name is Yu Okaya, I’m serving as the Director of Central Conference 2022 (CC22). 

This year, we are gathering in person after 2 years of online CC. Pandemic has been going on for a long time so meeting in person itself is just so special. I will introduce you to CC22 with some key information and something unique this year!


1. About CC22
Date:May 28th-30th
Venue:Trinity International University (IL)
Main Speaker:Pastor Shinji Seki (Honolulu Christian Church)
Capacity:100 people
Registration due date:May 6th (Fri)

Please check out our website for more details!!

2. Plenary sessions & Workshops
In plenary sessions, we will hear from Pastor Seki on our theme “RECONNECT” through 4 sessions. From various aspects, we will learn about what it means to reconnect, reconnect with what and what for etc. 

In two workshops, we will learn together focusing on the different specific areas of our lives that are related to our main theme “RECONNECT”. We also have more information about workshops on our website so please check that out!

3. Kid’s program(4〜11 yrs old)
The coordinator God sent us is very passionate about the kids and we are already excited. This year, the Kids Program will focus on the Psalms. Psalms is the most frequently quoted book in the New Testament. Just as Paul praised the Psalms in the midst of his suffering in prison with Silas, we will learn about the joy of reading the Psalms, the joy of knowing the greatness and fullness of Christ through the Psalms, and the joy of following Christ. We also hope that in this world that is filled with darkness and confusion, the Spirit inspired songs of the Psalms have never been more relevant to the young and rising generations . I pray that during the plenary sessions and workshops, it will be a faith growing opportunity and fruitful time for your child as well!

Please click on the link HERE for the 3-day schedule!

4. Mini craft market & Book store
We’re opening a mini craft market and book store this year!
The bookstore will offer JCFN selected Japanese books, including books by our main speaker Pastor Seki!

Also, we’ll have some handmade items that are inspired by the CC22 theme colors (sky blue & lemon yellow)! Everything will be limited and will only be available this year in CC!

We’ll be posting CC22 pickups and updates on FB and Instagram. If you don’t follow us yet, please do!



We held CC online in 2020 and 2021. There were many things that we were able to do because it was online, and there were many blessings in different ways from conferences in person. This year, we are returning to an in-person format for CC. I look forward to the blessings we can receive from in-person gathering  such as fellowship face-to-face, sharing meals together, worshiping together, and praying together.

We all face various challenges in our lives. There are many things we cannot comprehend in our minds. As we journey in this world, we seek and struggle how we should live as a follower of Christ. I’m looking forward to learning together, the truth of how we should live as a Christian through the theme of this year, “RECONNECT.” We, committee members are doing our best to prepare well and our prayer is, that CC22 will be a place where you can be spiritually refreshed. Let us listen to God’s Word together and enjoy this precious opportunity where we can spend time together for 3 days!  (The below is the CC Planning Committee members) 


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