Guided Journal

I bought a new guided journal.

Its name is Unshaken.

The theme of this year’s EC was “The Unshakable ~ Our Firm Foundation”, so when I saw this, I couldn’t pass it by. 😅

I have been a fan of guided journals for the past few years for my devotional time.

Of course, the basic devotion, which is simply to read the bible and pray, and I like it a lot. But sometimes I feel like like in a bit of a rut and need some new stimulation and a hint to think.

A recent hit is “Good Enough,” a devotional guide for 40-day for Lent written by Kate Bowler, and the guided journal that comes with it.

This time, “Unshaken” also came with a Prayer Card. (It was free because of the campaign. 😁)

Each card has God’s attribute, His Word, and a prayer on the back.

I see, it is God Himself who is unshaken.

We are shaky, but when we rely on the Unshaken God, the house will not be broken.

I will be blessed with this journal and prayer cards until EC.

By Yuko Ozeki (North America Staff)

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