Testimony from WIT22

“Blessings as WIT22 Staff”

Esther Kamura

It was a blessing to be on the WIT22 staff!

One of the reasons I was blessed was that I had so much time to prepare! (Yes, a plus. This is…)
This was a very valuable experience for me, simply because I don’t think it is very often that I have the opportunity to go into such depth on a single topic. We had been preparing since last October, and at the beginning the theme presented to us was just one word, “Fear,” so my first thought was, “That is too broad! I don’t get it!” (I’m sorry, Kou-kun. He was our director.)

We were forced to think and pray about this theme. But strangely enough, the Lord is truly a God who answers when I pray and ask, as His Word says, and He spoke to me in various ways. He spoke to me at every meeting and every time the framework of the program was created. Even in the midst of my everyday life, I was touched by God’s presence through the preparation for this WIT, and it was very fulfilling. It may not be an exaggeration to say that the words God spoke to me were truth, hope, and the power to live my daily life.

I also really enjoyed praying, praising, and listening to the testimonies of the participants during the WIT program. I was especially thankful and thrilled that we were able to pray for each other passionately and fervently even in small groups.

I was so thankful and impressed that we were able to dig deeper into this theme of “Fear!” I am grateful that together with staff, we were able to keep our eyes on the Lord as we listend to Him. Praise the Lord!

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