Akarin’s monthly report Feburary

The final class for 3rd year students is done, presentations of research report are over, and I’m immersed in the final papers. I’m at the peak of happiness with nice weather and delicious food.

Last month, I discussed recent developments in the university’s research on “hands-on” project-based learning. I’ve successfully completed my presentation on campus and my internship at JCFN. Thank you for your prayers.

I learned a lot during my one-year internship at JCFN and my research on the theme of returnees and scope of the research, and I was able to present my findings of my research. If you asked me if it was difficult, I’d say the opposite. I’m a returnee Christian, and through fellowship with other returnee Christians, I made significant realizations and gained new perspectives.

My study didn’t have the same conclusion. It’s because I came to realize that I’d want to continue to think about returnee Christians in the future, rather than ending with this short period internship or research project.

I’m really looking forward to meeting and fellowshipping at JCFN events and with other returnee Christians as a continuation of my research, and I pray that the Lord will help me to enjoy, study, and pray about the rest of my internship, praying to the Lord.

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