Kanazawa in spring season


In Japan, we are in the midst of preparations for GRC23 to be held in May. In the last week of March, soon after the GRC23 planning committee meeting, I took a vacation and went to Kanazawa, my husband’s home town, with my parents for a family trip.

I had heard that the climate was a week later than Tokyo, just when the cherry blossoms were in full bloom.
My daughters, who will be entering elementary school and kindergarten in April, were very happy with the cherry blossoms and the food.

Usually we take a long drive back home in the summer, and it is nice to take the bullet train back home during a time of year when there is a lot of tasty treats to be had.

Now, I would like to tighten my heart and pray to God as we move forward with the Okada family’s new fiscal year and the final preparations for GRC23.

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