GRC Testimony①

Hello, I’m writing this testimony as I received a scholarship to attend GRC23.


I’m grateful to have been able to participate in GRC as a singer in the worship team. Initially, I thought it’d be a little hard, even so God protected me from practice to performance, and I enjoyed it.

I joined a small group of worship leaders during lunchtimes and was able to share my challenges in life with group members I had only known for a few days, God gave me a bond with them through the worship team.

I realized that I’m still immature as a worship leader, and I’d like to grow as a worship leader in Japan, where there are few worship leaders.


Also, during the breakout sessions, I heard that adults are the ones who need to recite scripture. I recalled that when a few years ago, I went to the funeral of my Christian great-grandmother, a friend said that my great-grandmother had always taught me the Word of God when I was depressed and showered me with the Word of God. I recalled how much I respected my great-grandmother. At this conference, I decided to start one recited scripture a month.


GRC made me appreciate once again the connections I have with people, including those I had unexpected connections with, those I hadn’t seen in a long time, and those who share common aspirations. I’m really glad I went!

Ikoi Ishido

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