Central Conference 23 Testimony ③Shion Otsuka

I had a great time at CC23! I am so glad that I was able to spend three days with Japanese Christians learning about God, playing together, and just having fun even though I usually don’t have many chances to meet Japanese Christians, let alone Japanese people themselves! Maybe it was because CC had its first youth program in the same year that I was going to be a youth, or maybe it was because so many youth came in the same year, or maybe this year was just the best, but for me, CC23 was the most fun I have ever had at CC. I had a great time praising and playing games while being surrounded by people who were more like me and could relate to me than the people I usually hangout at school. In addition, this year, since I became a youth member and started going to adult worship services, I was able to listen to sermons that were deeper and taught me more things than ever before. Through this experience, I learned that even though I am still in junior high school, I can and should spread the gospel. I had already been to youth group at my regular church, but there were many times when I couldn’t focus and couldn’t listen properly. However, thanks to the fun and interesting preaching at CC, I have been able to enjoy church more and listen to the sermons more attentively. I believe that God has blessed me with these two elements, a lot of fun and learning experiences. I received not only great messages, but also new friends, experiences, and motivation to continue to work hard and have these experiences again. (Shion Otsuka, IL)

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