Tweet from the staff: Do you know what WTP is?(Setsu Shimizu)

Have you ever heard of “WTP”?

This is a Japanese Christian pod Pacific Broadcasting Association (PBA). And it’s the most popular podcast in the religious category!

It’s a talk show hosted by the well-known Rev. Shigenori Oshima, who is also familiar to JCFN, where he invites various guests. When it started in 2016, it was a program co-hosted by Rev. Masaru Asaoka, one of the speakers at EC23. Anyway, it’s really funny and interesting. They talk about things completely unrelated to faith, like fashion, hobbies, and food, but they also honestly and deeply answer various questions about faith based on their own experiences. There are many insightful and educational moments on the show.

And guess what, I appeared on it too!!! It airs on days with a 7 in them.

By the way, my husband, Mao, also appeared on the show before. It’s the program where the phrase “Pray and let go!!” was born.


Mao’s appearance on Episode 065

Mao’s appearance on Episode 066 


Mao also talks a lot about JCFN. Of course, I do too!

If you’re interested, please give it a listen! (But be warned, once you start, you might want to listen to all the back episodes too!)

Episode 138 (guest: Setsu 1)

Episode 139 (guest: Setsu 2)

Episode 140 (guest: Setsu 3)

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