The Summer is coming to and end soon,but the days are still very hot.

One of my theme for this year is to “enjoy the seasons that God has made”.
I realized that the year has gone by so quickly and that I have been spending my time without really thinking about it, even though God created the seasons.

☑️ Eat lots of summer vegetables and fruits.
☑️ Go to sunflower field
☑️Have a picnic at night
☑️ watch fireworks
☑️ have guests over for dinner, etc….

I had a very productive summer. Thank you God!

I will take a late summer vacation in September. I am also thankful that I have been given time off.
I am now making a list of things I want to do in the fall.
Fall is the season of sweet potatoes, and many places will have sweet potato sweets and drinks. Mont Blanc, Tsukimi burgers! I would like to taste Chinese tea. I want to go see silver grass too!

Let’s enjoy the seasons God has made!

Shiori Kisangala

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