Is it because I am a Christian, or JCFN staff??!!

Hello, this is Chihiro Okada, Japan staff.

In April, my daughter entered the first grade of elementary school.

And, without fail, came the decision to be in charge of the PTA section.

Why is that? I became a class committee member (although I am a sub…).

One of the important roles of a class committee member is to plan the semester’s social gathering.

The second semester’s social gathering was just held the other day.

We decided to have a picnic together with children at a park.

I don’t know why. It gets me thrilled.

I planned an orienteering event even though no one asked me to.

Envisioning the tasks for each station
Making the station signs
Preparing manuals for each station
Making group cards
Preparing stickers to complete the tasks
etc., etc.

I prepared everything in detail, you know.


I can’t help but do a lot of planning and careful preparation.

Is it because of the number of times I have experienced various activities in the church?

Is it because of the conferences and gatherings I have been involved in for the past 16 years as a JCFN staff?

Is it because of my response to the mission that has given me the purpose to “help children and adults get along with each other” as I ponder as a Christian?

What a cutesy thing to write, but for now, I guess JCFN’s core value of FUN to have fun has taken root in my mind.

Anyways… It was fun – lol.

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