Introduction of JCFN Board Members⑥

Name: Miho Walker

Church: Grace Church Manchester

Location: Manchester, UK

Family: Husband, 2 sons and 1 daughter

My husband and I are members of a mission organisation called OMF International and are part of the Diaspora Returnee Ministry team. We are based in the UK.

My British husband and I met and got married in Japan. After moving to the UK, we lived in Cambridge and Northern Ireland for seven years. After that, we were sent to Hokkaido, Japan from UK churches as OMF missionaries. We repeated the pattern of working in Japan for four years and returning to the UK for one year twice. We are currently living in the UK.

In the past, I have used JCFN’s “Returnee Workbook” to prepare for the return of my friends and acquaintances who had become Christians in the UK and were returning to Japan. I attended JCFN’s conference for the first time at EC20, which was held online due to Covid, participating from the UK.

I love meeting various people through JCFN

I recommend books written by Ayako Miura. When I was a high school student and not yet a Christian, I read Ayako Miura’s ‘Shiokari Pass’ and was shocked to learn that there was such a way of life. I became hooked and read many of Ayako Miura’s books. After becoming a Christian, I have reread them more times and every time I read, I was taught many things. For those who have not yet read them, ‘Deiryu Chitai’, ‘Freezing Point’, and ‘Shiokari Pass’ are a good way in.

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