Looking Forward to Seeing You All at EC!

This year, from December 27th to January 1st, 2024, EC will be held!

The theme is “TAKUMI – Made for His Purpose.”

By the way, have you ever heard the word “TAKUMI” before? It’s not a word we hear often in our daily lives, especially among young people.

Generally, “TAKUMI” is like a title that represents the ultimate artist/craftmen. These craftsmen are called such because they embed in their work a perfect and highly unique idea regarding the design, purpose, and how the creation should be used, an idea that only they truly understand.

Our Creator is the ultimate and one-of-a-kind TAKUMI. We are filled with God’s design, purpose, and ideas.

In our daily lives, we are surrounded by the expectations of others. For some, this may result in daily pressure. Whether you’re a student or a working adult, you may find yourself trying to be a certain way and thinking, “I must be like this,” or “This is how I want to be perceived.” You probably have a sense of how others see you and what kind of self you’re trying to present. Of course, there are times when it’s important to adjust and uplift yourself for the sake of others. But what is the real “you”?

If you’ve noticed that you’re acting a certain way, you might find yourself exhausted at some point. This is because the most vibrant and lively version of yourself is different from your original design. It may sound like a strange comparison, but a washing machine is not the same as a smartphone (I know, right?). A washing machine lacks smartphone-like features, but it can do things that a smartphone can’t (obviously!). This is because it was created with a clear purpose as a washing machine. What kind of design has TAKUMI (God) put into us for our benefit? While we focus on our true purpose in life, we should also look more closely at the TAKUMI, God, who created us with a definite purpose!

Immediately after the last EC concluded, preparations for EC23 began. The organizing committee is eagerly awaiting your participation!

Daisuke Tsuchida, Director of EC23


Registration LINK is here.

Additional Information:

This year, there is a limited capacity, and we are already 70% full. Please register early! A portion of the participation fee will be supported by scholarships. If you require a scholarship, please apply for it when registering. The early bird registration deadline is November 4th. Registration will close once we reach capacity, but the final registration date is December 9th.

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