What’s Saving My Life Right Now

Hello! I’m Yuko Ozeki, the North America JCFN Staff. The in-person EC planning  meeting has concluded, and now it’s the season to sprint through the end of the year at full speed!

Amidst the stress-filled days, I’ve made a list of things that help me walk through life more humanely 😆:

1. Morning and Evening Dog Walks
No matter how busy, taking a break in the morning and evening to go outside with the dog is incredibly refreshing.


2. Podcasts
I listen to various podcasts while running in the morning, cleaning, or doing non-mentally taxing tasks. My current favorites are Timothy Keller’s Gospel  in Life.Recently, I’ve started listening to Language of God, an integration of science and faith, which is quite interesting. I’ve been a long-time listener of What’s the Pastors andNext Right Thing.


3. Evening Yoga
I’ve been doing morning yoga since the pandemic, and starting evening yoga before bed ensures a sound sleep. Waking up without my body complaining—this is good 😆.


4.🐼Panda Express🐼
Once a month, a guilt-free day without cooking dinner!! Yay!! 😍😍
28% of the sales contribute to the Equipper Conference scholarship, a fantastic initiative. To everyone in North America, please support this cause.


5. Grocery Outlet
A recently opened grocery store near my home. Despite the staggering inflation in the U.S., this store has hidden gems and is fun and affordable. My recent find is 50-cent energy drinks. Planning a bulk purchase for everyone during the EC.

That’s it! 😆 How about everyone else’s lives? As we head towards the busy year-end, I hope you can find things that bring relief and help you reclaim yourself, even if just a little!


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