What are your New Year’s resolutions?

January is already ending in 2024! I’m sure I’m not the only one surprised by the speed of time passing.

A friend I met today exclaimed, “January is ending, and I haven’t even put my resolutions into words yet… wait a minute!!” Amen.

I have completed EC, but I haven’t been able to take enough time to settle down yet.

My beloved husband, Mao, bought a bicycle last Christmas. He commutes to church by bike, which takes one hour and 20 minutes one way. When he told the church members about it, they asked, “Is it an electric bike?”  That wouldn’t do any good, does it?

Since the new year, he’s been commuting! Wearing a bright yellow hoodie, a helmet to protect his big head, he travels to the church and back, taking one hour and 20 minutes each way. Amazing!

Mao’s remarkable trait is his ability to persevere. (At least more than me.)

This summer, you might meet a “slimer” Mao.

But for now, it feels like Paddington Bear riding a bicycle…

I think about doing something new this year and continue it, but the year might end probably before I even start it.

Setsu Shimizu

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