R35+, a ministry for adult returnees, re-launches🕊


Do you know how to read it?

It reads “R Thirty-Five Up.”

R stands for Returnee’s R.
35 is the age of 35 years old.
+ is read as “up,” meaning “over” 35 years old. And up, meaning “looking up” to God.


When GRC21 was held online due to the Corona Disaster, there were regional gatherings. The people over 35 who were in the group together there shared a heart that there was a need for a place for adult returnees to gather, and R35+ began in July 2021.

Objectives of R35+:
(1) Fellowship among people of the same age group
(2) A place where lonely and tired adult returnee Christians scattered all over Japan can gather, look up to God together, and rest in Him. We want them to walk back being encouraged by God.

Online meetings continued for about two years. We gathered around the message and small groups, and each time the survey said how encouraged they were through the fellowship.After the May 2023 online meeting, we took a break for about six months to give ourselves time to pause. With the core members who had been involved, we reaffirmed the blessings we had received from being involved in ministry and the blessings God had shown us through ministry. Indeed, it was a period of rest where we shared again the importance of the ministry that was started by a heart from God and the importance of continuing to receive that heart.

After a period of rest, we held an online meeting on the 2nd of this month for the first time in about 10 months. The small group lasted a full hour. Even so, some said they would have liked to have talked more. We also took time to talk about what we are especially looking forward to for R35+ in the future, and it was clear that this is a ministry that has been eagerly awaited during the break period. They also shared their feelings that it is difficult to find a place in the church for those over 35 years of age unless they are of child-rearing age, and it was a time to reflect on the significance of R35+.



As we proceeded with our ministry following the restart of R35+, we were taught the importance of pausing and confirming God’s heart.


The future R35+ is,

July 6th (Sat) Online Gathering
September 16 (Monday, Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day) Picnic (Tokyo)
October-November Online Gathering

And we are also praying for a limited time small group to be held between the online gathering and the meetings.

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