New regional meeting: KONNECT

I have long prayed for a place for returnees in Kanagawa Prefecture, the second most populous prefecture in Japan. I have decided to start a Kanagawa Prefecture returnee meeting, Konnect.

The “K” in Konnect represents Kanagawa Prefecture, while “Konnect” means “to connect” in Japanese. Our aim is to foster connections with God, fellow Christian returnees, and the church, all while having fun in the Lord. We hope to be a place where people can connect with each other and with the Lord.

Meetings occur bi-monthly, welcoming returnee Christians, non-Christians familiar with the gospel, and those open to embracing returnee Christians.


Konnect originated from a returnee gathering last November, featuring themed activities like Mochi parties and cherry blossom viewings(Hanami), with a BBQ planned for the third meeting. Mealtime fellowship holds significance for returnees.

Each gathering includes testimonies, often evoking tears and praise to the Lord. I’ve prayed for this meeting for over five years, and God has led us to gather 17 people. From there, we shared the vision, core members were given, and the Lord has been leading and blessing this ministry.


Non-Christian have also been given each time., and some participants will be baptized soon. We pray that Konnect continues to glorify God by connecting returnees to the church, each other, and Him.

Follow us on Instagram and join us at Konnect when you return to Kanagawa Prefecture.

Frequency: Once every two months


1) Returnee Christians (Christians who were saved overseas or have experienced overseas)

2) Non-Christians who have heard the gospel overseas

(3) Those who want to accept returnee Christians.


JCFN staff
Shiori Kisangala

We’ve been on the Bunden Channel.

Although it’s not my turn for staff blog this month, I’m Chihiro Okada, Japan staff.

Around the fall of 2023, returnee ministry was featured in a program called “Church Times” on Inochi no Kotoba’s YouTube channel, the Bunden Channel. So, I spoke a little about it.

I haven’t been on another YouTube channel since I recorded CGNTV before I gave birth…I was a little nervous.


【Behind-the-scenes story of the filming (1)〜 the same outfit!】

Shooting was taken place at Inochi no Kotoba sha, but just as we were about to start filming, we realized something was wrong! The color and pattern of the jacket was the same as that of the guest, Mr. DK (who shared his honest thoughts on his experience as a returnee with us….thanks to Mr. DK). Thankfully, Mr. DK had brought another outfit with him, so he changed into it. I should have brought another dress in a different color. I guess shooting is hard work, isn’t it?


【Behind-the-scenes story of the filming (2)〜 What is the script?】

When I arrived and received the script, well, it was just a scene set-up, and the content was almost blank. During the filming, my head was filled with things I wanted to say at a tremendous pace several times, and I thought, “What? What should I do?I felt like I was talking my head off, and I couldn’t even think of what I wanted to say. But the power of editing is amazing. I am very grateful to have my rambling story summarized in such a way. And then it happened. After the shoot, I said, “Oh, that’s right, I couldn’t say it earlier, but… returnees are going through this…” “Oh, that’s what I wanted to tell you in the show…” I heard that the camera was rolling as it was, and they said they would include it later in the editing, but I don’t think they actually did. YouTubers are amazing, aren’t they?


There are two videos, Part 1 and Part 2. Please take a look. It seems that the first part has been viewed more than 10,000 times. That’s amazing. I hope that through this, the understanding of returnees will be deepened.


Like this? If you are interested in hearing from us, please contact us at the JCFN office♬


【Part 1】


【Part 2】

Event Info Useful for Returnees April, 2024

Event Info Useful for Returnees

April, 2024

◎Southern Kanto Small Groups (Japan)
Yokohama plus SG: Every Tuesday 20:00 (female only, online)
Japan Office SG: Every Thursday 19:00 (in person, Ochanomizu)
Hibarigaoka related SG: Every 2nd Saturday (in person)

◎ANRK Women’s Small Group (Japan. online)
Basically 2nd & 4th Thursdays 20:30〜22:00 (Zoom)
About 3-6 people gather each time and encourage each other through updates, Bible study (M28), and prayer. If you are interested, please contact us!
If you are interested in joining, please contact JCFN Japan Office:

◎Tsu-Na-Gu (Japan, online)
Gathering for returnees in 20s in Chugoku area
Tuesday, April 9th, 23rd 20:00〜
Let’s read together the Gospel of Luke.
Contact: JCFN Japan Office:

◎GiFT・Spring Event (Japan, Tokyo)
Time: Saturday, April 6th 14:00〜17:00
Content: Praise, testimony, sharing on future GiFT, fellowship
Location: Mustard Seed at Ochanomizu Christian Center Room 306
Things to bring: Dinner and Drink
No need for registration

◎Re-Conn: Returnee Cafe (Japan, Tokyo)
Time: Saturday, April 6th 14:00〜17:00
Location: Double O Cross Church (OO+) Kichijoji G Bldg B1 (東京都武蔵野市吉祥寺東町1-6-27)
More events such as Christmas party and Bible study are organized by Re-Conn. Please check the website for the details.

◎JCFN Japan Online Prayer Meeting V.OCHAHOP〜 (Japan, online)
Time: Saturday, April 13th 10:00〜11:00
facebook Event page
Zoom link

◎Inspa prayer meeting (Japan, online)
Sunday, April 14th, 20:00~20:30 (30 minutes only) (Every 3rd Sunday)
At Zoom (Meeting ID: 979 2868 4925 Passcode: 144507)
*Let’s remember and pray together about the returnee ministry, INSPA, and returnees in the Tokai area.
*The prayer meeting is open to those who have participated in INSPA before, or are from or reside in the Tokai area.
facebook group link
Instagram link
Contact: facebook or

◎Chugoku Kyushu group prayer meeting (Japan. online)
Saturday, April 20th 19:00〜20:30
Praise, prayer and sharing
Contact: JCFN Japan Office:

◎JxJ (North America, Seattle, WA)
Saturday, April 20th 4:30〜8:00pm
Location: at ISI House in Seattle (5207 16th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105)

◎Tokyo Life Church Connect Group (Tokyo, Japan)
Time: Saturday, April 27th, Every 4th Sunday
Roberta Peabody (Leader):
Homepage Link
6-8 returnees mostly from North America are gathering monthly.
Location: Whistle Cafe in Nishi Waseda
We value the time to freely discuss what we experienced abroad and how we feel after coming back to Japan.
If you want to continue practicing your English or want to talk about your experiences abroad, please join us.

◎”Understanding Returnee Christians” Seminar (Aichi, Japan)
Time: April 29th 13:00~16:00
Location: Christ Bible Institue (CBI)
Admission is free, but registration is required due to the capacity of the venue (up to 60 people).
Register at

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