New regional meeting: KONNECT

I have long prayed for a place for returnees in Kanagawa Prefecture, the second most populous prefecture in Japan. I have decided to start a Kanagawa Prefecture returnee meeting, Konnect.

The “K” in Konnect represents Kanagawa Prefecture, while “Konnect” means “to connect” in Japanese. Our aim is to foster connections with God, fellow Christian returnees, and the church, all while having fun in the Lord. We hope to be a place where people can connect with each other and with the Lord.

Meetings occur bi-monthly, welcoming returnee Christians, non-Christians familiar with the gospel, and those open to embracing returnee Christians.


Konnect originated from a returnee gathering last November, featuring themed activities like Mochi parties and cherry blossom viewings(Hanami), with a BBQ planned for the third meeting. Mealtime fellowship holds significance for returnees.

Each gathering includes testimonies, often evoking tears and praise to the Lord. I’ve prayed for this meeting for over five years, and God has led us to gather 17 people. From there, we shared the vision, core members were given, and the Lord has been leading and blessing this ministry.


Non-Christian have also been given each time., and some participants will be baptized soon. We pray that Konnect continues to glorify God by connecting returnees to the church, each other, and Him.

Follow us on Instagram and join us at Konnect when you return to Kanagawa Prefecture.

Frequency: Once every two months


1) Returnee Christians (Christians who were saved overseas or have experienced overseas)

2) Non-Christians who have heard the gospel overseas

(3) Those who want to accept returnee Christians.


JCFN staff
Shiori Kisangala

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