A doubly enjoyable experience

 This is Maki Goto. Last month, I was able to carry out something I usually can’t do.

 On the final day of Golden Week, on the substitute holiday of May 6th (Monday), I spontaneously decided to go eat ramen with my son. Since my wife and daughters had already gone out to Kichijoji in the morning, it ended up being just the two of us guys. I had heard online that “Suzuki,” the original stamina ramen shop in Mitaka that I had been curious about for a while, offered a limited afternoon menu of maze soba on holidays, so we headed there. When we arrived at the shop, it was nearing noon. There was already a long line, but we passed the waiting time chatting with my son. We finally got to taste the maze soba after waiting for about two hours. Since we don’t usually have the opportunity to chat leisurely, waiting was not a burden at all.

 It might not be clear from the photo, but the portion was quite substantial. Also, the seasoning was rich, with a generous amount of finely chopped garlic piled on top. As for the taste, it was simply “delicious.” Despite its richness, it wasn’t overwhelming, and the noodles were flat and thick, somewhere between udon and kishimen (flat noodles), providing a satisfying chewiness. After finishing the meal, my honest feeling was that the two-hour wait was definitely worth it.

 During the leisurely wait in line, amidst the flow of time, there was intimate conversation with my son, something we don’t usually get to do. Plus, enjoying the superb maze soba side by side with my son made it a doubly delicious experience.

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