Stimulus! Tweet by Maki Goto

Perhaps it is because many of the friends I met while studying abroad were Asian people who loved spicy food, but even now I have an irresistible craving for spicy food. Being able to get such wonderful food at convenience stores is a moment when I am glad to be in Japan.

I remember when I was studying abroad, I often drank a carbonated drink called “Mountain Dew” when I needed to feel refreshed from lack of sleep. The other day, when I was preparing for GRC23, I couldn’t get “Mountain Dew”, but I got something called “Energy Drink” at a pharmacy and boosted myself.

When I want to Boost myself spiritually, this is the most stimulating!

Moments of Relief

Is it because I am getting old? Lately, it has become quite frequent for me to think, “Oh, I’m so tired! I don’t have the physical strength that I had when I was in my teens or twenties. And if I neglect my daily training, I can’t deny that my muscular strength is deteriorating rapidly. Still, I have noticed that my “energy level” does not depend solely on my body.)

On the way back to home from the JCFN Japan office in Ochanomizu, there is a stairway with less than 200 meters to go. I climbed up the stairs with a steady pace, thinking, “I am almost home. The moment I reached the top of the stairs, I was relieved to see the sunset from the recently developed park field. It was not from the sense of accomplishment of having climbed the stairs, but from the uplift that comes with seeing something “beautiful” and thinking “Wow!” when I see something “beautiful.” It was a moment when I realized that it was something that encouraged and cheered me up when I should have been tired.

I am happy to see such a gift from God’s creation.

As a supplement, when I get home, I see my “beautiful” wife and I am, once again, relieved to see her. (Sorry to ramble…)

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