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Hello! My name is Etsuko Hotta, JCFN associate staff 😊

It’s time to feel the beginning of early summer from the fresh green season! I think some of you have started a new life in the new year, such as going on to higher education, getting a new job, or changing jobs. In such a new environment, some of you may feel again the importance of connecting with God and others. Connection is very important!

What kind of connections do you have now?

I have been working with Christians and communities overseas, arranging homestays for Christian host families, connecting with Christian communities to connect them with local churches, and praying with local Christians to bring students into contact with the love of Christ during their study abroad experience. We pray together with local Christians to help students experience the love of Christ during their study abroad experience, and we work as a “Tsu-Na-Gu” (connecting) ministry to support students from the time they are sent to their home countries until they return home.

The Tsu-Na-Gu ministry is a ministry of connecting non-Christians and Christians with Christians overseas, with the earnest hope and prayer that they will stay connected to God, His family, and His church after returning to Japan! We have connected students with Christians in the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, and Malaysia, and have seen students who did not even know Jesus Christ before they went to Japan to be touched by the love of Christ and saved during their study abroad experience, from as little as 3 weeks to over a year. Some have been saved while studying abroad, while others have not yet confessed their faith, but have been led to confession of faith and baptism after returning to their home countries, and are now living a life of faith.

As part of Tsu-Na-Gu’s support for returnees, we have an online group of 20-something returnees living in the Chugoku area who gather together to read and share the Bible, and sometimes gather in person for a meal together.

We hope that Tsu-Na-Gu will become such a place. By God’s grace, it is a great joy and blessing that the returnees connected to Tsu-Na-Gu are able to overcome various difficulties, stay connected to God and His family, and walk together in the process of being transformed and made into the likeness of Christ as they study His word and pray together, rather than being isolated in their faith. It is a great joy and blessing.

I hope and pray that the Lord will continue to use Tsu-Na-Gu to connect us with God’s love.

God is really good at connecting people to each other 😊 I hope you all connect with the people God is trying to connect you with. Let’s connect with God’s love!

New regional meeting: KONNECT

I have long prayed for a place for returnees in Kanagawa Prefecture, the second most populous prefecture in Japan. I have decided to start a Kanagawa Prefecture returnee meeting, Konnect.

The “K” in Konnect represents Kanagawa Prefecture, while “Konnect” means “to connect” in Japanese. Our aim is to foster connections with God, fellow Christian returnees, and the church, all while having fun in the Lord. We hope to be a place where people can connect with each other and with the Lord.

Meetings occur bi-monthly, welcoming returnee Christians, non-Christians familiar with the gospel, and those open to embracing returnee Christians.


Konnect originated from a returnee gathering last November, featuring themed activities like Mochi parties and cherry blossom viewings(Hanami), with a BBQ planned for the third meeting. Mealtime fellowship holds significance for returnees.

Each gathering includes testimonies, often evoking tears and praise to the Lord. I’ve prayed for this meeting for over five years, and God has led us to gather 17 people. From there, we shared the vision, core members were given, and the Lord has been leading and blessing this ministry.


Non-Christian have also been given each time., and some participants will be baptized soon. We pray that Konnect continues to glorify God by connecting returnees to the church, each other, and Him.

Follow us on Instagram and join us at Konnect when you return to Kanagawa Prefecture.

Frequency: Once every two months


1) Returnee Christians (Christians who were saved overseas or have experienced overseas)

2) Non-Christians who have heard the gospel overseas

(3) Those who want to accept returnee Christians.


JCFN staff
Shiori Kisangala


The cherry blossoms in Japan are taking their time to bloom, heightening our anticipation for their arrival. Living in Yokohama City, I’m surrounded by a delightful project called “Garden City Yokohama,” where flowers grace every corner, accompanied by the adorable mascot, Garden Bear.

Witnessing the vibrant colors of spring’s emergence fills my heart with joy and anticipation.
One of my favorite pastimes is exploring the plant section at the home improvement center with my husband, dreaming of the greenery we’ll nurture together.
But it’s during quiet walks, surrounded by nature’s beauty, that I feel a profound connection to God.

Matthew 6:28-29“And why do you worry about clothe? See how the flowers of the field grow.They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.”

resonates deeply with me in these moments, reminding me of God’s unwavering love and care, beautifully reflected in the delicate petals and verdant leaves He has so graciously bestowed upon us.


Shiori Kisangala

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