Revelation Challenge at Urbana!!!

Yes!!! Let’s look forward to it!

So, the Urbana offers the “Revelation Challenge” before the Urbana.

If you have “YouVersion“, the Bible App, you can challenge through the App plan,

Please check it out!!

“But I am not going to Urbana!”

Don’t worry!!  You can watch the stream through Urbana website.

I always enjoy the Urbana’s sermons, which are full of information, contents and challenges, (according to Setsu, it’s extremely challenging for translators.)

Please join this wonderful opportunity!!

Finally Arrived!

Finally, the copy machine and the printing machine arrived at the new JCFN office.

Since we moved out the old office in February, they had been sitting at the Ozeki’s garage office.  Due to various reasons, we could not move them to the new office back in June, but FINALLY!!  they came yesterday!


I feel like, AT LAST, we completed the process of moving.

It’s the time for the new school year.  The new season has come to JCFN, too!!

by Yuko Ozeki, North America staff


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