I participated in BBWIT20

I participated in BBWIT20

Fusae Yajima

I received so much blessing and encouragement from participating in BBWIT20. Although we gathered online and only saw each other via the computer screen, I still felt connected, although I was somewhat nervous whether I could participate properly. However God was not limited by the situation or environment, and learned that God will work no matter what situation.

I grew up in a family where one of my parents is a Christian, so I had believed in Jesus since childhood, but it was a very half-hearted belief. When I attended the Equipper Conference in Seattle, USA in 2000, I opened up my life more fully to Christ and decided to clearly follow Him. Through the two-day BBWIT20, I was very grateful that I was able to reflect on my journey thus far and realize that the Lord has always protected and guided me, and I look forward to the future.

The BBWIT20 theme was “Knit Together in His Love;” through our studies I became strongly aware we bring together various gifts, joined by Christ, and work in unison to accomplish the wonderful work of the Lord. Rev. Okada’s message, he showed us the vision of the last days of worshiping and worshiping the Lord from all peoples, tribes, peoples, and languages ​​from chapter 7 of Revelation.

In the present COVID-19 situation, I feel like I could see more clearly a vision that more than ever the Spirit of the Lord is working, people all over the world gathering to praise the Lord, and work together to accomplish His will.

Particularly, this time I enjoyed hearing directly from a local ministry about the latest situation in the COVID-19 of Japanese living in the U.S. For Japanese international students remaining to study in America, even those who returned to Japan and are studying online with their U.S. school. The influence of COVID-19 and the visa suspensions and other restrictions that have forced students to return to Japan and their hardships and their discouragements. There are a lot of ideal things about being in Japan, but the sudden return to Japan and their need for salvation. I have the feeling to pray earnestly, and think more seriously about JCFN and the North American campus ministries. I remember the groups that cared for me as an international student. And now I have the strong desire to pray for them from Japan.

Through BBWIT20, a lot of people were encouraged, who are creatively working in their respective areas, facing difficult situations that have never before existed, and sharing with each other. I was blessed. I look to the Lord, as we seek to help in one another and worship together with people from all over the world while seeking His will.

I feel this year’s BBWIT20 committee members worked hard. I want to take this time to express my appreciation, I was able to talk to people via the computer screen and look forward to the chance of meeting them in person in the future.

God Planned a Blessing though BBWIT20

God Planned a Blessing though BBWIT20

Ayako Seto


If it’s a regular year, BBWIT is held in person for three days & two nights. This year BBWIT20 was postponed and then rescheduled to be held online for less days with a smaller program. From our perspective that flow might seem like a “bummer,” the Lord’s plan is larger than our tiny ideas, and in a good way gave us an unexpected blessed time.


It was my first time to try this online. From two weeks before the event the connections started from introducing myself in the event Facebook group. I was excited about everyone’s self-introductions as they were slowly added every day. In the two days of the event everything was online, entire lessons, small groups, panel discussions, devotional times, messages. Not just learning, but also games too. Wow!


Chiba・Tokyo・Saitama・Kanagawa・Aichi・Hyogo・Tottori・Okinawa・even overcoming the time difference we had with someone who attended from California. Brothers and sisters gathering together, in an environment where we could only be together online, I enjoyed the blessing of learning together.


The main theme was “Self Care”

While working as a leader, I tend to forget about myself because I’m a leader, I learned how to focus on self care.


I think that there are lots of people who are in the position of leaders and serve others even if they are not assigned that role. I think that such people may prefer to use their time for serving rather than caring for their own state of mind and not preserving their own time. Also, saying, “I have to be strong” why do you have to be strong?.


What I personally thought while learning at BBWIT was that, even though I grow up as a Christian, I’ll always be “God’s child.”


It’s also important to protect personal time with God and rest in the peace that God is with us. I remembered that I’m a human being created by God, acknowledging that I have limitations; I also learned the importance of knowing that God is always present.


As the BBWIT20 theme verse Ephesians 4:16 says, our path on earth is not alone, but “From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.” with our brothers and sisters. I want to encourage each other, rely upon each other, and support each other.


I’m glad I participated. I’m grateful to the Lord for giving me this opportunity.


I’m presently in uncharted waters, but no matter what happens, it’s okay because the Lord is with me. Whatever happens on this earth, Christian brothers and sisters can be connected because God prepares the way. I saw this on a small scale at BBWIT20.


“I’ve had a special time.” I think I will look back with a smile.

“I finally met you!” I look forward to the joy of being able to meet face to face.


I’d also like to thank all the committee members who planned, prepared and ran everything with flexibility and creativity.

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