Event Info Useful for Returnees February, 2023

Event Info Useful for Returnees

February, 2023

◎JCFN Japan online lunch hour “V.Ochalunch” (Japan, online)
every Thursday 12:00~13:00
online chat meeting with lunch or coffee.
V.Ochalunch will end in February.
facebook group link
Zoom link

◎ANRK Women’s SG (Japan. online)
Basically 2nd & 4th Thursdays 20:30〜22:00 (Zoom)
Women returnees in Kansai gather online to pray and encourage each other through Bible study and sharing.
If you are interested in joining, please contact JCFN Japan Office: nihon@jcfn.org

◎Inspa Picnic (Japan)
Saturday, February 4th, 11:00~ around 15:00 (partial attendance is welcome)
Place: Moricoro Park, Aichi Expo Park *Linimo Ai-chikyu-haku kinenkoen station, 11:00am
Link to the location
Bring: -Lunch -Drinks -Leisure
-Lunch -Drinks -Leisure sheet -Snacks -(If you can bring your own) Balls, badminton, Frisbee, jump rope, etc. If you can play a musical instrument, please do!
-In case of rain, we will notify you via Fb, Instagram, or email at 9:00am on the day of the event.
-If you are coming by car, please use the North 1 parking lot.
-Please come to the lawn in front of the Aichi Children’s Center if you join us during the event.
For more information, please visit our Facebook group link and Instagram link.
facebook group link
Instagram link
Contact: facebook or inspire-union@hotmail.co.jp.

◎Inspa prayer meeting (Japan, online)
Sunday, February 12th, 20:00~20:30 (30 minutes only) (every 2nd Sunday evening for August) (Zoom)
*Let’s remember and pray together about the returnee ministry, INSPA, and returnees in the Tokai area.
*The prayer meeting is open to those who have participated in INSPA before, or are from or reside in the Tokai area. Zoom link
facebook group link
Instagram link
Contact: facebook or inspire-union@hotmail.co.jp.

◎R35+🕊(Target: 35+) (Japan, Online)
Thursday, February 23, 10:00-12:00
Click here to register
facebook group link
Zoom link
Contact: r35up.jcfn@gmail.com or the group page above
This time’s theme: “What does it mean to be ‘humble’?”
As we are increasingly required to take on positions of responsibility and leadership at work, at home, and at church, we feel the difficulty of “humility” these days.
We may become overbearing in our own strength, or we may underestimate ourselves and limit our potential.
What does it mean to be humble?
We welcome Setsu Shimizu, JCFN North America Director, as a messenger and will have a small group discussion.

◎Chugoku Kyushu group prayer meeting (Japan. online)
Saturday, February 25th 19:00〜20:30
We will use the MAP to identify the area where the participants live and pray for that area and for the returnees who are not connected to a church in that area.
Contact: JCFN Japan Office: nihon@jcfn.org

◎GRC23 prayer meeting “GriPre” (Japan, online)
Friday, February 24th 20:30〜21:00
Zoom link

Akarin’s monthly report January

The year 2023 has begun and before I knew it, it’s already the end of the month. Sorry for the delay in posting (-_-;)

This month I’d like to talk about my recent situation.

I’ve been interning at JCFN since last June and. My internship is connected with a university research project called “Project-Based Leaning,” in which students explore and learn independently.

Through my work at JCFN and fellowship with returnee Christians so far, I’ve also found a theme that I’d like to explore; “Returnee Christian’s Journey After Returning Home”. As I surveyed and talked with returnee Christians from various backgrounds, new issues emerged, and I was often received hope and encouragement.

When I wrote my report, I didn’t just finish it, but I reflected on the events and fellowship during my internship, which was a very grace-filled experience, and I felt very grateful.

A Bible passage I thought of in this time was,

“Rather, speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ” Ephesians 4:15 ESV

There is no final conclusion to this research project, but the intent is not to be finished with the knowledge and experience gained through my research, but to continue to look into the issues faced, while also being involved with Christian returnees in the future.

In February, I’ll submit my final copy of my report and present my research in a presentation.

Please continue to pray for me.


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