JCFN Regional Meetings in Nagoya/Kansai


Megumix here!

Happy New Year!

Where will you be sent by God this year? I look forward to the Lord’s blessings to be with you wherever you are, wherever God has sent you!

Thank you so much for reading the JCFN blog.

Now, continuing on from the last time, I will continue to introduce JCFN Regional meetings.

This time I’ll introduce, Nagoya and Kansai!

I interviewed the leaders, asking the following items.


Regional Meeting Name

When and where is it held?

What types of activities do you do?

What’s your vision?

What are some special things about your area? Tell us an appealing point!

Any thing else? Comment? Feel free to any any additional information!

So let’s look at Nagoya

In interviewed Mr. Kazune Yamada from “Inspa” (Inspire Union)

①Inspire Union(nicknamed Inspa)
②From 2019, we will have an irregular schedule. Our main meeting location will be a share house called Grace House Kamimaezu.

③I want to personally encourage those returning to the Tokai region. Meeting them from time to time for meals, and inviting other people I meet to our meetings.

④We hope to be a prayer and support network, and to be there as a supporting community for returnees.

⑤Are you kidding? “Kishi-men” “miso-nikomi” “miso-katsu”, I’m so silly, I can only think of Nagoya foods!

⑥From this year we’ll make some big changes to the way we do things, we value your prayers. Please feel free to get in touch with me!

Here’s what Inspa looks like

Nagoya foods look so delicious!!!!

If Jesus came to Nagoya he would want eat “miso-nikomi” with us.

Next is ANRK

I interviewed Mr. Kuni Onishi, and he answered in the Kansai dialect!

①All Nation Returnees in Kansai (aka ANRK)

We meet at Mustard Seed Osaka, which is a fast-growing church that has been really growing recently! Cool.

③We worship the Lord, sing praise songs, pray and we take a lot of time for meeting in small groups.I will do my best so that returnees can be connected. Fundamentally, our theme is focused on how young adults should influence and be involved in Japan as a Christians.

④Right now we are meeting in Osaka, but I would like to expand that to other parts of Kansai!I‘d like to see more small groups meeting monthly.There is currently an irregular meeting of young ladies.

Osaka is a town of laughter and eating. I thought so when studying abroad, but there are many people from Kansai in the United States. But when I came back, I wondered where everyone went. Maybe they all went to Tokyo (laughs).

When you come home to Kansai, meet us, be with us, in friendly Kansai!

⑥If you want to do a small group in Kobe, Kyoto, Osaka, please contact me.

Here’s what ANRK looks likeThere are children in our group and it gives us a lively atmosphere.

If you are nearby or coming back to these areas, please get info on regional meetings!

Thank you so much, everyone on the receiving end! Regional meetings are the hope for returnee Christians!

There may be a local meeting starting with you.

If you want to create and prepare a place to welcome returnees, a place to grow together, etc. Please feel free to contact JCFN with your ideas.

Hey leaders, thank you for your cooperation!

I pray for each region to be blessed.

JCFN Regional Meetings in Kanto


Megumix here!

In Japan we seemed to have had summer in early December. There were days when the children in the neighborhood were outside playing in short sleeves.

But Winter came.

Cold Wave!!!

Finally!  It’s cold!

As colds are prevalent, please take care of yourself.

This month and next the “Megumix Corner” of the JCFN blog will introduce regional meetings which cooperate with JCFN.

There are people from all over overseas coming to back Japan to various areas throughout the country. If you return to an area nearby to a group, please come and checkout a local group.

This time in the blog we will start in Kanto introducing Chiba prefecture’s “Richiba”, and Tokyo’s “GiFT”.

I interviewed the leaders, and asked them some of the following information:

①Regional Meeting Name

②When and where is it held?

③What types of activities do you do?

④What’s your vision?

⑤What are some special things about your area? Tell us an appealing point!

⑥Any thing else? Comment? Feel free to any any additional information!


First of of all, Ricchiba!

Miss Kana Katoh, leader

Ricchiba(Returnees in Chiba)

②We meet once every three to four moths at a church in the Chiba area.  Since Chiba is a large prefecture, I really want to travel to different areas for the gatherings as much as possible! (So far we’ve had meetings in the cities of Kisarazu, Mobara, Chiba, Ichikawa, Urayasu, Noda, and Yachiyo, I’d like to go to places I haven’t yet visited.)
③ Our program centers on “Fellowship.” There are times when we eat together, sing praise songs, listen to messages and testimonies. There were other times when we went to a movie together, and other times had a picnic in the park.
④ Of course, we want to receive returnees and also have a meeting where people who haven’t yet met God and people in the community can also join in freely.
⑤ If you think that  Chiba Prefecture has nice dating spots such as Disneyland and illuminations. There are also the mountains and the sea, so you can interact with nature! A lot of special products! Seafood is delicious. “Chiba-kun” (prefectural mascot) is also cute!
⑥Our next meeting is February 11, 2019, which is a national holiday.
We’ve had fellowship with each other and we are preparing to pray for a place where we can encourage each other!

Here is what “Ricchiba” looks like ↓



This is an interview with Mr. Kentaro Imai.

①GiFT (Growing in Fellowship Tokyo)

②We hold an event once every 2 months at different locations. This year’s events are scheduled to be held on January 19th and March 9th.

③We hold  events for the purpose of following-up returnee Christians, we create opportunities to connect returning brothers and sisters with brothers and sisters in the church, community and same returning Christians. In addition, brothers and sisters who have already returned come together to create a time and place where we can cross the church boundaries and have praise and fellowship.

④From John 15:16, we have been working with a vision of “bearing fruit”, and I feel that by having the brothers and sisters who gather through GiFT be connected with God and one another, in each church, community, workplace, etc. I think they can bear fruit.

⑤Since it’s Tokyo, so Skytree? LOL!  Appeal points are the returnees Christians, churches, and many communities!

Here is what GiFT looks like ↓

Thanks to all the leaders!

Next time I will leave Kanto and introduce other community meetings!

It’s gonna be fun〜

Ochahop November 2018

Hello! This is Megumix.


It has totally become fall here in Japan.

What do you think of when you think of fall?

I think of how sports and food come at the same time in fall, so things kind of balance out.


Today I am going to introduce OCHAHOP, a prayer meeting that happens on the second Saturday of each month at the JCFN office.

The name Ochahop is an appreviation of OCHAnomizu House Of Prayer, and it started back in 2014.

Ochanomizu is the place where the JCFN office is located, and this year marks the fourth year. Slowly but surely all of our prayers are accumulating.


To be specific:


  • JCFN’s ministry
  • Regional ministries, and returnees going back to those regions
  • The events happening before the next Ochahop
  • Conferences
  • One another


And so on.

We lift up each prayer one by one.


Here’s what our first Ochahop looked like!


JCFN has the image of having lots of big events, and the name Ochahop is kind of catchy, but it is actually a small, quiet gathering.

That being said,

this Ochahop supports the ministry of JCFN, regional ministries, and returnees themselves!


If you let JCFN staff know if you have any prayer requests for your region, returnees you know, or whatever else, we will pray for you!

This meeting takes place the second Saturday of each month from 10:30 to 12:00 at the JCFN office, so please come!



The smallest member of the Okada family has been praying together with us every time since she was born 🙂

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